What We Do

The havoc wrought by the recent global financial and economic crisis and the social protest movements that have marked the post crisis environment all over the world demonstrate the need for a new approach to economic thinking.


In this context, the main objective of the Centre for New Development Thinking is to contribute new ideas to development thought, in particular by emphasising the need for a genuine refocus on the four areas that we consider to have been neglected so far by the development community: multidimensional inequalities, labour markets, industrial policy, and the environment. The Centre for New Development Thinking works toward this by:


• Data Gathering. The Centre for New Development Thinking will contribute to the understanding of development issues by producing innovative interpretations of existing and new data. We will further highlight information gaps that have a potentially negative effect on development policies in Latin America.


• Capacity Building. The Centre for New Development Thinking will build capacity among young researchers through academic courses, supervised research, and the opportunity of participating in our work.


• Impacting policy. The Centre for New Development Thinking will organise events, courses, and seminars with key experts from the world of development thinking who can contribute innovative perspectives and ideas to Latin America's development dilemmas. These events will be broadcast through our website, and will be used for teaching as well as general dissemination.


• Building a network. The Centre for New Development Thinking will organise an international network of researchers and analysts who can create a new intellectual hub in the Global South, undertake comparative research, and help disseminate our work. For this purpose we will build international partnerships with leading research institutions and universities across the world.