Executive Team


María Teresa Ruiz Tagle

Coordinator of Sustainable Development

PhD. in Environmental Economics, University of Cambridge. MPhil. in Environmental Policy, University of Cambridge. MSc in Economics, London School of Economics. Commercial Engineer, University of Chile.




Research Interests: 

Environmental Policy, Sustainable Development and Community Development.

Oscar Landerretche

Coordinator of Productive Development

PhD. In Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Master in Economics, Universidad de Chile.




Research Interests: 

Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Political Economy, International Economics, Economic Development.

Daniel Hojman

Coordinator of Multidimensional Inequalities 

PhD in Economics, Harvard University. Master in Industrial Engineering, Universidad de Chile.




Research Interests: 

Wellfare State, Poverty, Inequality, Media, Political Economy, Corruption.

Kirsten Sehnbruch


PhD. in Political and Social Sciences, University of Cambridge. MPhil in Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge.




Research Interests: 

Public policy, labour markets, development studies and politics in Latin America.