Agnieszka Piasna

Agnieszka Piasna is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Cambridge. She is also a Gates Scholar and a research assistant analysing trends in job quality in Europe with the focus on gender equality. Her research interests involve broadly various aspects of job and employment quality from the comparative perspective. She researched work-life balance arrangements in Italy as part of a collaborative project with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; retirement transitions in Poland; professional work environments in the UK; debates and measures of quality of employment from the perspective of a development agenda of Latin America; gender equality and gender norms. In her doctoral research she analyses in detail trends in job quality (work intensity, job autonomy, and well-being outcomes) across various welfare systems in the EU.

Research Interests: 

Labour market flexibility, Working time flexibility, Work intensity, Job autonomy, Work-life balance, Labour market institutions, Cross-national comparative research, Methods of data analysis.