Daniel Hojman

Daniel A. Hojman is an Associate Professor at the University of Chile and at the Harvard Kennedy School (on-leave). He is the Academic Director of the Masters and PhD programmes in Economics at the University of Chile. Hojman received his PhD in economics from Harvard University and holds prior degrees in sciences from the University of Chile.

His main research areas are economic theory, welfare economics, political economy and social policy. He developed analytical models to study the role of social networks on welfare and inequality, examined the impact of corruption and the media on political participation, and poverty dynamics. His current research focuses on three areas: (i) methodological foundations of welfare economics that incorporates central aspects of other social sciences; (ii) public policies for equitable economic development; and (iii) political participation.

Hojman was also a Research Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and has published in international journals such as the Journal of Economic Theory and Games and Economic Behavior. He contributes regularly to digital and print media.

Research Interests: 

Wellfare State, Poverty, Inequality, Media, Political Economy, Corruption.