Federico Huneeus


Federico Huneeus studied Business Engineering with specialization in economics and MS in Economics (highest distinction) at the University of Chile. He received the award for the Best Academic Performance (highest GPA) in the MS in Economics. On 2008 he was the president of the Business Engineering Student Union (CEIC) from the University of Chile and on 2009 he was president of the University of Chile Student Federation (FECH). He is also cofounder of the Center of Research from puntajenacional.com and participated in the “Internacional Visitor Leadership Program” on 2010, organized by the State Department from the US Government under the target of learning how the US Political System works.

In the present, he is Instructor from the Economics Department from the University of Chile. He teaches undergraduate Macroeconomics. He has a research agenda that includes financial subjects (together with Oscar Landerretche); political economy and unequality (together with Eduardo Engel and Daniel Hojman) and educational subjects (together with Dante Contreras and Tomas Rau. He has edited Research Projects in Public Policies (TIPS), a publication of the Master in Public Policy from the Economics Department and has done consultancies to the International Labor Organization (ILO). In the present, he participates as a researcher in an economic consultancy to the “General Comptroller Republic of Chile” (Contraloría General de la República de Chile).


Research Interests: 

Inequality, Education, Political Economy, Macroeconomics, Econometrics