Marcela Ramos


Marcela Ramos is a chilean journalist with a Master Degree in Public Policy taken at the University of Chile (graduated with honors).

At present, she works at the Journalistic Research and Information Centre (Ciper Chile), an independent institution that develops investigative reports with the best standards of quality and professional integrity ( Besides she is the founder and editor of Juegos de Mate, an organization constituted by professionals and academics that seeks to provide parents with practical and theoretical skills that could help them participate in their children’s education. Juegos de Mate has a website specialized in education subjects (

She is the co-author of two journalistic investigation books: “La Guerra y la Paz Ciudadana” (“The war and the citizen peace”. New Journalism Collection. LOM Ediciones. 2000); and “La extraña muerte de un soldado en tiempos de paz” (“The strange death of a soldier in peace time”. New Journalism Collection. LOM Ediciones. 1998).

Marcela have worked in the main newspapers and magazines in Chile and after getting the Master Degree in Public Policy (2005-2007), she worked as researcher in two President’s Advisory Boards created during President Michelle Bachelet’s government. She specialized in research and evaluation of public policies particularly in Education and Labour using quantitative and qualitative analysis tools. Between 2008 – 2010 she worked closely with ILO Latinamerican gender specialist, as a consultant in labour and gender subjects.

In three opportunities she got scholarships from the New Latin American Journalism Foundation (FNPI) that belongs to Gabriel García Márquez.