Ricardo Ffrench-Davis

Ricardo Ffrench-Davis was Principal Regional Adviser at ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, of the United Nations), in 1992-2004. Full Professor of the Department of Economics and the Instituto de Estudios Internacionales at University of Chile. Director of Research of the Central Bank of Chile (1990-92). Co-founder, and Vice-President at Centre for Economic Research on Latin America (CIEPLAN, 1976-90). Deputy Manager (1964-70) of the Central Bank of Chile.

Represented Presidents Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet in the Technical group launched by Presidents Lagos, Lula and Chirac to identify sources of Innovative Financing to Fight Hunger and Poverty In the World (2004-10).

Visiting professor at Oxford and Boston Universities and at institutes in  France, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

Was awarded the Chilean National Prize for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2005.

Author or editor of twenty one books and over 130 articles, published in nine languages and in more than twenty countries, on international economics, development strategies, foreign financing and Latin American economies. The most recent books are: a) Economic Reforms in Chile: From Dictatorship to Democracy, in English (Palgrave Macmillan, second edition, London, 2010) and in Spanish (JCSáez Editor, fourth edition, Santiago, 2008 and Siglo XXI, Buenos Aires, 2004); b) Reforming Latin America’s Economies: After Market Fundamentalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005 and 2006; also in Spanish); c) Stability with growth (co-author with Joseph Stiglitz and José Antonio Ocampo, Oxford University Press, 2006); d) Seeking Growth Under Financial Volatility (editor, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2005; also in Spanish); e) From Capital Surges to Drought (co-editor, Palgrave, 2003); f) Financial Crises in ‘Successful’ Emerging Economies, in English (Brookings Institution, 2001) and Spanish (editor, Mc Graw-Hill, Santiago, 2001).

Has been or is a member of the editorial boards of Trimestre Económico, Revue d’Economie du Developpement, CEPAL Review, the Economic Review of the Central Bank of Chile, and the Latin American Foreign Affairs en español.

He has coordinated important research international groups, in particular on international finance and macroeconomics (some specialists were: Edmar Bacha, Carlos Díaz-Alejandro, Rudi Dornbusch, Roberto Junguito, José Luis Machinea, Pedro Malan, José Antonio Ocampo, Guillermo Perry and John Williamson).

He was a member of the Development Committee (CDP) of the UN (New York, 1990-94; renewed in 2007-10, and elected Chairman of the CDP); the Academic Council of the Wilson Center (Washington, D.C. 1977-80); and the  Executive Council of LASA (1992-94). Has been member of consulting boards of the Comisión Sudamericana de Paz, the Council of Foreign Affairs of Chile (1990-2009), the Forum on Social Equity of the IADB (2000-02).  Co-director of the Macroeconomics Task Force of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (2002-06), led by Joseph Stiglitz at Columbia University.

Research Interests: 

International Trade and Finance, Growth and Economic Development.