Microfinanza. Dare Credito alle Relazioni (Microfinance. Giving credit to relations)

Antonio Andreoni
Vittorio Pelligra

Microfinance represents a cultural rather than an economic revolution and an anthropological rather than a political transformation. It constitutes a financial system for supporting the process of social and economic development. Not only is it built on bases that are radically different from those in which the traditional financial system is rooted, but it is also realized through a bottom-up process of bi-diretional involvement of people in development. Only through reciprocal relationships can the flourishing of human capabilities be promoted and not humiliate beneficiaries' dignity. In this sense microfinance represents a cultural challenge as it changes our way of looking at the debtor: no longer a paria or a poor person requiring help, or even wore an opportunist ready to take the money and run away, but a potential partner in the common process of economic and social development. The cultural challenge is deeply rooted in the perspective of freedom and recognizes credit and more generally financial services as powerful multipliers of opportunities, crucial instruments for social and economic inclusion, and in the end promoters of human capabilities and entrepreneurship.